Frequently Asked Questions



What is dog day care all about?


Dog day care is like a social club for dogs. It can be a great alternative to leaving your furry friend at home alone for hours. Aside from social contact, dog day care can provide a fun, safe place for your dog to burn off naturally high energy levels and learn positive behaviours.  


Why choose us?


We aim to be your dog’s home away from home. We stand for three things in dog care – safety, fun and positive interaction. We are happy to show you around our social spaces at any time. Our K-9 Rules can give you more information about our policies and practices for ensuring your dog’s health and wellness during their stay.


Do dogs stay in cages at CENTENNIAL BARK?


Absolutely not! Unlike boarding and other dog care options, day care is like being at home for your dog – only with more friends and enrichment activities like play and walking. We have several different areas onsite that we use for dogs to play and rest in throughout the day. We never keep dogs in a cage, whether they are with us for day care or for grooming.


What happens if my dog is injured or gets sick at CENTENNIAL BARK?


We will always let you know if your dog is injured or gets sick while they are with us. We have a close relationship with our local veterinary clinic when immediate medical attention is required. Otherwise, we will contact you and ask for your instructions on taking your dog to its usual Vet for treatment.


Are we insured?


We have insurance, specifically offered by industry expert insurers, which is designed to cover injuries and property damage that happens on our watch.


Are our staff qualified?


Yes – our CEO has a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and a Pet First Aid accreditation. Our group leaders all have experience in the pet care industry and undertake regular continuing pet education (CPE) to ensure their knowledge and skills are current, so that we can offer you the best service possible.


What if my dog is big, small or doesn’t like playing?


We have seperate social spaces for our furry guests which allow us to group similar dogs together – in terms of size, temperament, confidence and social skills.


How many staff do we have?


We always have at least 2 staff at our facility and our ratio of staff to dogs is 1:10 minimum in our social spaces. We never walk more than 4 dogs at a time, so that we are compliant with the Sydney Council’s companion animals regulations.


What does a day look like at CENTENNIAL BARK?


Our motto for every dog’s day is play – rest – fun. We provide supervised playtime periods, enrichment activities, and several rest periods in between. We also spend time playing games with your dog which are designed to enhance their existing recall, name response and focus skills. Your dog will be supervised by one of our experienced team 100% of the time. We only walk dogs on-leash and we never leave your dog in the care or control of anyone who is not part of our company. By the time you come to collect your dog you can expect them to be happy with tails wagging!


Why does my dog need an assessment before coming to day care?


We do this because we love first dates! We also want to make sure that your dog is generally comfortable with other dogs, people and different surroundings. We will ask you some questions about your dog’s breeding, home life, general behavior and usual routine. We don’t mean to pry – this will help to give us a better picture of how your dog usually behaves and interacts with its family and friends. We will look for signs or histories of aggressive or possessive behaviours, biting and other factors which might mean we need to help you find an expert to correct behaviors. This allows us to check your dog’s temperament and ensure it is a good fit with our other furry guests.


I didn’t see many toys at daycare – why is that?


We provide toys and other enrichment tools only during supervised play.  We do this to minimise and prevent the opportunity for dogs to ‘resource-guard’ or become possessive and potentially aggressive over the toys.


What about vaccinations?


Our K-9 Rules set out the details of vaccinations required before joining day care.


Do I need to bring food for my dog?


We provide lots of fresh water and treats throughout the day, after we have checked with you about any of your dog’s potential allergies or dislikes. Otherwise, we generally don’t take responsibility for feeding your dog during the day unless they have a specific medical need based on your instructions.


Are there any restrictions on dog sizes or specific breeds?


Be sure to let us know what type of dog you have if it’s your first time with us and we can discuss suitability and options for day care.  Size and breed restrictions may apply for your dog – we generally limit our intake to small and medium dogs (up to the size of a Cocker Spaniel or Beagle).  


Do we provide obedience training and/or behaviour advice?


Even though we are qualified dog carers, we are not experts in dog training or behavioural advice. We do have a range of experts that we have worked with, including with our own dogs, that we will happily introduce you to if you need help with managing any major behavioural issues with your dog. You can even arrange to meet these experts on site.


Other things to know


Head on over to our policies and procedures page for more detailed information about our dog day care experience.