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Daily activities for dogs, grooming, puppy training and lots of love and attention.

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The Centennial Bark Difference

Everything we do at Centennial Bark is about keeping you and your dog happy when you can’t be with them. We are on a mission to enrich the lives of dogs living in the city through positive social interaction every day. We believe that spending time with their pack in a laid-back setting are vital ingredients for your dog’s well-being. A day at Centennial Bark is a day of enrichment, positive engagement, playtime and relaxation for your dog in a fun environment, supervised by our friendly staff.


Puppy School

Why use dog daycare?

Dog day care is a great alternative to leaving your furry friend alone for hours. Dog day care is like a social club for dogs. Dogs are social creatures that generally love company. Leaving your dog alone can leave them with pent-up energy and you feeling guilty for not being able to be with them. Centennial Bark is a fun, safe place where your dog can interact, socialize, learn and relax under the supervision of our professionally trained staff.