Tom has a history of sales management but his real passion is dogs. Tom is qualified in animal management with a a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services as well as having qualifications in management.


Tom has a current Pet First Aid Certificate and over 15 years management and operational experience. You might recognise him from PETStock Kingsford or Zetland where he has spent the last few years in pet retailing and pet care.

Tom's favourite k-9 quote is that 'if your dog doesn't like someone, you probably shouldn't either' (Anonymous).

Tom - Co Founder & Chief Enjoyment Officer (CEO)

Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services - Certified in Pet First Aid

Tom is our enthusiastic Founder and CEO (Chief Enjoyment Officer). Tom's passion for dogs started as a kid, when his parents surrounded him with Miniature Dachshunds and German Shepherds.


Tom continues his love of German dogs with his own family these days.  Diesel and Elle are both regulars at CENTENNIAL BARK  ready to meet everyone with happily wagging tails, and a few barks here and there!

Diesel - Chief Cheerleader

Diesel is our Chief Cheerleader.  He knows he has the goods to lead the fun at CENTENNIAL BARK, in personality and ridiculously cute looks! You will find Diesel bouncing around on everyone and anything that will give him attention.   If Diesel had two legs there is no doubt he would be right at home in the 2017 postcode.

Holly - Groomer & Happiness Director

Certified in Pet Grooming and Pet First Aid

Holly is our amazing Happiness Director. In charge of all things happy at CENTENNIAL BARK, including our grooming and dog care services.


Holly is a dog lover through and through. Holly has worked for many years as a Dog Groomer, training under the expert eye of one of Australia's award-winning grooming instructors, and holds a Pet First Aid Certificate.  After several years grooming for one of Australia's leading pet retailers in Sydney, we're lucky enough to now have her leading the CENTENNIAL BARK happiness team.

Like all of us, Holly's dog is her little man. Oliver, the West Highland Terrier is often bouncing around at CENTENNIAL BARK in between pampering baths and blow drys with his Mum! 

Victoria - Happiness Leader

Certificate II in Animal Studies

Victoria is one of our wonderful Happiness Leaders. We don't really like the title 'Dog Attendant' because everything we do at CENTENNIAL BARK is about keeping your dog happy. 


Victoria has a Certificate II in Animal Studies and having run her own pet-sitting company, Victoria is now sharing her education and experience with us at CENTENNIAL BARK while she explores her creative talents in social media and keen eye for inventive photography.

Victoria is dog-obsessed.  You will find her knee-deep in puppies on any given day, playing games, monitoring behaviours and running basic command training sessions.

Shane - Co Founder

Shane co-founded CENTENNIAL BARK with Tom.  Shane is the driving force behind the CENTENNIAL BARK experience and his passion is the happiness of every one of our four-legged friends on every visit.  Shane has a very strong vision for giving every dog owner the opportunity to make their dog happy in ways we enjoy ourselves, through social connection, exercise and friendship. Shane's favourite k-9 quote is that ' you will never go wrong adding a dog to your life story' (Jim Butcher).